EOS Reusable Face Mask (1 Pack) - Grey Medium


Grey Medium EOS reusable face mask 1 pack.

Washable and Reusable: EOS face masks can be washed 41 times at 40oC and 5 at 60oC (hand or machine washed with neutral soap)

Breathable and hypoallergenic: EOS face masks contain filters that are breathable due to their open cell structure. BFE > 92.3 which brings them to the same rate and specifications as medical masks

Flexible polyurethane foam for comfort: EOS face masks perfectly adapt to any face shape. (Facial Adjustment > 96%)

Multi-layered mask: EOS face masks are made of high quality antibacterial polyester, poly-filter and water-proofing layers. - the outer layer is water resistant - Particle Filtration efficiency >94% - Aerosol Filtration efficiency >96% (UNE-EN 13274) - the inner layer is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.

Adult Medium: 19.2 cm x 11.0 cm

Caring for your eos mask

  • eos face masks can be washed in your regular laundry using hot water (up to 60C).
  • After laundering your mask lay it flat and allow to completely dry.
  • We do not advise the use of scented laundry detergent.
  • You can also hand wash your mask, using hot, soapy water. Scrub the mask for at least 20 seconds, lay it flat and allow to completely dry. If possible, place the cloth face covering in direct sunlight.
  • Store clean masks in a dry clean place when you are not using them
1. A reusable hygienic mask is not a medical device (PS) within the meaning of Regulation EU/2017/745
2. Reusable hygienic mask is not a protective equipment (PPE) within the meaning of Regulation EU/2016/425
3. A reusable face mask does not exempt the user from the application of barrier gestures complemented by social distancing measures that are essential according to the recommendations indicated by the Ministry of Health
4. Reusable hygienic mask is not suitable for children under the age of three
5. Children should be supervised at all times